Broker Reviews

We have reviewed the Best Forex Brokers, CFD brokers and Binary Options Brokers that are currently available online.



OptionBit is a veteran broker within the binary options industry, having launched their platform in 2009. This broker is headquartered in Cyprus and therefore is regulated by CySec. The platform that is offered is powered by TradoLogic and is offered for mobile devices. Global traders will find ten language options to choose from, as well as a user-friendly platform that is loaded with profit possibilities.


OptionBit supplies several different instruments to their clients, including Digital, One Touch, Touch/No Touch, Range, and Turbo (60 Seconds). The Touch instruments are provided in both standard and high-yield varieties. There are currently 70 different underlying assets which can be paired with these instruments, as well as a wide variety of expiry times. Minimum investment amounts start at only $10 per trade.

The feature that really makes OptionBit stand out from other binary options brokers is their Algobit technology. This proprietary algorithm scans the financial markets looking for price trends. Once a trend is discovered, traders are alerted and can enter into trades using the new information. Algobit is accurate an amazing 99% of the time. Traders need only take prompt action and select the appropriate expiry times in order to profit from this information. Both a video and tutorial are provided to teach traders to use how to use Algobit correctly.

Additional trade tools such as Close, Extend, and AutoTrade are available. Close allows traders to close a losing position early, while extend allows the trader to stretch out the expiry time. AutoTrade is quite unique in that it can be used to automatically re-open winning trades, investing the return from winning trades rather than your core account funds. This feature can be customized to open only a set number of consecutive trades.

Trading Platform

The OptionBit platform is clean in design and should not pose any problems for first-time users. All accessible selections are kept in one area, along with a current asset price chart. It is quite easy to move from option to option, and all open positions can be viewed just underneath the primary trade window. Trader Insight, which tells the percentage of traders who have purchased either Put or Call, is also provided.

This TradoLogic platform shares a commonality with many other platforms, with that being how user-friendly it is. We tested the load times and compared the entry prices with that of outside sources and all went well. Each trade setup can be completed within seconds and each of the optional trade features are clearly presented and easy to use.


Credit cards, eWallets, and bank wire transfers can each be used to make deposits or receive withdrawals. The minimum deposit amount is $200. OptionBit provides all traders with one cost-free withdrawal each month. Additional payment requests within the same month will cost $30 each. OptionBit does offer timely withdrawals to all clients, but those who wish to have lightening fast withdrawals may want to consider opening a VIP level account.

The inclusion of various eWallets is nice, as not all traders wish to provide bank account or credit card information. The minimum deposit requirement is right in-line with industry standards. Withdrawal fees are never a positive, but in this case, they are completely avoidable if limit your requests to one per month.


OptionBit offers a 5-part training program, as well as a large selection of training videos. These videos cover topics which are suitable for both beginner and advanced level traders. Also included are videos which cover each of the available instruments within the platform. Binary options strategies are discussed in both written materials and in the provided videos.

It’s nice to see educational resources being provided for different skill levels. When trading, it is important to progress from beginner to seasoned trader at a steady pace. The academic tools provide by this broker will allow traders to do just that.


The OptionBit platform may be similar in appearance to many, but Alogbit most definitely sets it apart from all others. Although some binary options brokers do offer signals of some sort, these are not able to come anywhere close to the accuracy rate of Algobit. OptionBit has been in operation for quite some time now, and clearly has learned what it takes to keep their clients happy. For this reason, along with many more, we do recommend this veteran broker to all traders.



OptionWeb is owned and operated by Lionsman Capital Markets Ltd and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. This binary options broker provides the latest SpotOption trading platform and is one of only a few brokers offering their clients the ability to trade Forex within the same platform. OptionWeb offers their platform in several languages, including English, French, Italian, and Dutch. In accordance with regulations, they do not accept U.S. traders.


Traders who choose to team up with this broker will have over 180 underlying assets to choose from. These can be paired with a wide variety of instruments such as Binary Options, Pairs, Long Term, One Touch, and Forex (currencies only). The Forex options offer traders the chance to trade standard FX – including the ability to buy and sell in order to lock in profit. Stop loss and Take Profit settings are included. The shortest available expiry time is 60 seconds, with the longest being up to several months. Minimum investment amounts start at only $5, a fact which will certainly benefit first-time traders.

OptionWeb runs daily tournaments, with prize money going to the top three traders of the day who have the largest number of winning positions. In addition to this, a month long tournament is in place, with the trader with the largest number of winning positions receiving a cash prize. There is no cost to participate and anyone who opens an account and makes a deposit is automatically entered into the monthly contest. Note, however, that tournament rules and prizes may change from time to time. Visit OptionWeb to see the most current tournaments.

Traders who choose this binary options broker will have several different account types to choose from. Each account type offers a different variety of perks, such as more assets, higher return rates, and faster withdrawals. Trade signals are offered to Gold and Platinum level account holders. Demo accounts are offered to anyone who opts for a Standard level or higher account type. One or more risk-free trades are offered to all who trade with OptionWeb.

Trading Platform

SpotOption platforms are known for being user-friendly, and this one does not disappoint. All of the available instruments and trade options are laid out in a clean manner. Traders simply need to select their desired parameters and then carry out the trade by confirming the investment. Optional features such as Rollover and Double Up are available.

We feel strongly that traders of every skill level will like this platform. It contains a plethora of profit possibilities throughout the day and functions smoothly. Mastery of this platform should require less than an hour, even for those who have never traded binary options elsewhere.


OptionWeb provides three options for banking, including credit cards, wire transfer, and MoneyBookers. The minimum deposit amount is 200 (USD or EUR). There is no minimum withdrawal amount in place. However, withdrawals of less than 100 are subject to a small withdrawal fee. The time-frame for withdrawals is dependent upon account type.

These banking options and minimum requirements are relatively standard within the binary options industry. Withdrawal fees can be avoided, which is definitely a perk. Due to the fact that there are several different account types to choose from, traders do have access to super-fast withdrawal times by simply opting for a higher tier account.


Education comes in many forms from OptionWeb. In addition to an e-book, written tutorials, videos, and one-on-one training are offered. Webinars which provide trading advice from expert traders are also offered. Customer assistance in one or more forms is always available and all traders will have access to an account manager who can provide guidance.

Considering all that is available, novice traders should have no problem with getting started. This broker offers not only academic basics, but also analysis tools such as market news, market reviews, and economic calendar, and more. OptionWeb scores highly in this area by showing their commitment to trader education.


This is one broker which covered all the basics and then moved on to provide many attractive extras such as tournaments, signals, personalized coaching, and more. Traders are going to appreciate the straightforward platform, high returns, and wide variety of potential trade setups. With regulation in place, the reliability of this broker is really not in question. Our complete examination of this platform yielded nothing but positive results, therefore we do recommend OptionWeb to all traders at this time.



GrandOption entered into the binary options industry back in 2011 and has become a steady presence in the industry. This broker supplies a trading platform that is provided by TechFinancials, one of the leading platform providers at this time. At last check, the platform was being offered in five different languages. It is not yet being made available in app format for mobile devices. GrandOption is regulated CySec, and as such does not accept traders who reside in the United States.

Platform Design

The platform design is quite practical, with each of the available instruments being listed on the left, the selection of offered trades off to the right, and the windows within which the trades take place off to the far right. Offered return rates and up-to-date asset prices are in plain view, as are the the available expiration times. The offered technical price chart makes it possible for traders to review previous price action for a period of up to two weeks past.

Trading Instruments

GrandOption provides both High/Low and Short Term trade types. High/Low trades are merely standard binary options trades. Short Term trades function exactly the same, but incorporate expiration times which range from thirty seconds to five minutes. Payout rates range between 75% and 310%. The bare minimum investment sum for each trade, irrespective of trade type is presently set at $25 each.

Extra Features

A Stop Loss/Take Profit function is offered. This particular feature makes it possible for individuals who trade with GrandOption to sell off their open positions back to the broker. Whenever an open trade is sold while not in a profiting position, the tool is being utilized as a stop loss. Whenever an open position is sold while in a profitable position, it acts as a means of locking in some profits in advance of contract expiry.

Education and Tools

GrandOption supplies a number of different education and analysis resources such as webinars, online videos, an interactive electronic book, and trade training for each available asset class. Binary options strategy insight is also offered, in addition to marketplace indicators, day-to-day market news, and a highly detailed economic calendar. For traders who wish to utilize them, a no cost trial to acquire trade signals is provided.

Bonuses and Promotions

GrandOption does indeed provide deposit bonuses, along with a number of risk-free trades to first-time depositors. Having said that, they don’t advertise any particulars in relation to these offers. As an alternative, they ask that traders who happen to be contemplating trading with them get in touch with a representative to learn the details of the most recent bonuses and promotions.


The available account types include: Standard, Superior, and VIP. The available banking methods include numerous credit cards, MoneyBookers, and bank wire transfers. The bare minimum deposit when using a credit card or MoneyBooker to fund your account is $100. The minimum for bank wire deposits is $1,000. There isn’t any minimum withdrawal sum whenever credit cards or MoneyBookers is utilized to withdraw funds. Bank wire transfer withdrawals must be in amounts of $100 or more. Withdrawal charges may apply, based on the membership level.


As it turns out, GrandOption is a solid binary options broker that does indeed supply a number of appealing features. The inclusion of a couple of additional trade types would be great, however individuals who like the standard trade type will not be let down. The provided payout rates are significant and there are lots of underlying assets and expiration times to pick from. Combined, these produce an excellent platform, loaded with earnings possibilities.




IQ Option first started providing their proprietary binary options platform to global traders in 2013. Their platform is provided in app formats created specifically for mobile devices, and can be accessed via any internet connected computer. The platform is also offered in five languages. Our initial impression of IQ Option was that this broker is most definitely different from the rest. This is evidenced by their one-of-a-kind trading platform, impressive return rates of up to 92%, and wide variety of educational resources.


IQ Option sticks with the basics, providing only the standard (Put/Call) trade type. Expiry times of as short as 60 seconds are available. In total, there are over 70 underlying assets to choose from, including stocks, commodities, currency pairs, and indices. The platform is very user-friendly, but free demo accounts are offered for those who wish to test it out prior to submitting a deposit.

One of the more interesting platform perks is the ability to participate in trading tournaments. These contests allow you to compete against other IQ Option traders. Both free and low-cost tournaments can be entered into, with cash prizes ranging from $250 to $500 per contest. New tournaments start daily, allowing all traders the opportunity to participate.

In order to enter into a trading contest, select from the upcoming contests on the homepage. Each available contest will be listed there, along with the time it will begin. Click on any contest to see additional details, including the time the tournament will end. If the contest if free, it will say so. If the contest costs money, the cost will be listed. Also available is the number of members who have already joined and will be in the competition.

Our investigation of this binary options broker showed that their platform performs well, with prices matching those of Thomson Reuters. Current IQ Option traders speak highly of the platform and customer service that is provided. Bonuses of up to 100% are offered, as are trade signals when a deposit of $100 or more is submitted. Additional perks such as a personal account manager and weekly webinars round out the package.

Trading Platform

Although the platform is proprietary, it will appear familiar to those who have traded binary options previously. First-time traders should be able to learn how to use the IQ Option platform in an hour or less. All of the information needed to complete a trade are included, but there are a few additional options such as one-click trading and a return percentage bar which can be adjusted by the trader. All trading takes place within a single window.

The platform is very user-friendly and should not present any challenges to new users. We particularly appreciated how quickly the platform loads and how accurate the pricing is. A free demo account is available, so feel free to use this option to closely examine the platform for yourself.



IQ Option accepts a wide variety of payments. Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, CashU, WebMoney, PoliPayments, and bank wire transfers can each be used for banking with this broker. The minimum deposit amount is set at only $10. This amount is also the minimum sum required for withdrawal. All requests for withdrawal are processed within 3 business days. Those who opt for a VIP account will have their withdrawal request processed within 24-hours.

With plenty of banking methods and fast withdrawals being offered, IQ Option ranks highly in this area. The super-low minimum deposit makes it extremely easy for anyone to get started without committing to large start-up costs. The $10 minimum withdrawal requirement is equally attractive, allowing traders to test the speed and reliability of withdrawal times.


IQ Option includes over 50 different training videos as part of its online video course. These videos are accessible in 21 international languages. Binary options basics, trading strategies, market analysis, information for pro-level traders, and more is included in this course. In addition, up-to-date market news is provided to assist traders with the process of optimal trade selection.

Although this broker does not offer any written tutorials, their huge video library makes up for the lack of written material. Most traders prefer to see the steps laid out in video format over reading for hours on end anyway. We were pleased to see information being provided for both novice and seasoned traders, as many brokers choose to focus on first-time traders only.


IQ Option should appeal to a broad group of traders, particularly those who appreciate the standard trade type. Their return rates offered on these standard trades are some of the highest in the binary options industry. It was quite a nice surprise to learn that trade insurance is offered along with such high returns. Anyone in search of a simplified and straightforward trading experience is going to appreciate what this broker is offering.



AnyOption is recognized as being among the seasoned binary options brokers, having opened their trading platform back in 2009. Since then, they have never made any significant modifications to the roots of their exclusive platform, preferring instead to stay with what really works. Traders will find eight different platform languages to select from, along with a version of the platform for mobile gadgets.

The AnyOption platform supplies numerous trade windows in one web page. All of the offered instruments are displayed as tabs, which once clicked on open the proper screen. Each option acquisition requires distinct actions to be carried out, however in no instance will trade delivery take in excess of a couple of seconds. This platform isn’t the exact same traditional platform which is frequently seen nowadays, yet it is just as easy to use as every other.

AnyOption provides Binary Options, Options+, Binary 0-100, and One Touch instrument within their standard trade types. Additionally, they currently provide an area for special trade types. As of this moment, this area features trading with distint assets such as Bitcoin and Alibaba. Binary 0-100 makes it possible for numerous contracts to be obtained, with each being linked to a specified financial happening. Gains when employing this trade type can be as high as 1,000%.

Option+ makes it possible for traders to sell their live trades to AnyOption, regardless of whether the position is currently in or out of the money at the time. Extra features like Roll Forward, Profit Line, and Trend are supplied as well. Trend shows the percent of traders who are selecting each option (Put or Call), while Profit Line enables traders to keep up with of their live positions, earnings and losses.

AnyOption Academy includes binary options trading instructions, lessons, an e-book, content articles, and much more. Advanced technical analysis charts are not offered, however traders do have accessibility to current and past asset prices. Previous expiries levels are published for all to view, together with precise expiration prices coming straight from Thomson Reuters. Traders can subscribe to complimentary SMS messages which offer the outcomes of each of their investments.

AnyOption offers a single account type, giving everyone the same membership perks. The minimum deposit sum is placed at $200. Major credit cards, bank wire transfer, and Skrill/MoneyBookers may be used for both account deposits and withdrawals. The very first withdrawal request of every month costs nothing and there’s no minimum withdrawal requirement. Profits of as much as 80% are available on traditional trades, with high-yield options providing as much as 380%. Reimbursement rates as high as 15% are available on losing trades.

AnyOption is a CySec regulated broker, which verifies their dependability. This is truly one of the few brokers that does actually provide some unique investment options to try out. The supplied profit rates and refund rates are substantial, as is the provided asset index. Provided that Anyoption carries on with providing the exact same top-notch level of service, they continue to be a fine broker selection for traders of all skill levels.


BINARY.COM REVIEW, earlier known as BetonMarkets, has been around since 1999. This binary options broker is both licensed and regulated by the in Malta by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority and provides a proprietary platform which is available in eight international languages. Being a well established and regulated broker, is definitely worthy of some consideration when it comes time to select a platform.

At first, the platform definitely seems to be almost too basic, however it doesn’t take very long to see that it offers a number of innovative features. Detailed charts are supplied in order to allow traders to complete technical analysis without the need of ever leaving the platform. Price listings, including day-to-day and intraday, may be used to evaluate price activity. The various tools and platform itself is straightforward enough to be utilized by first time traders.

The available instrument types include: Rise/Fall, Higher/Lower, Touch/No Touch, In/Out, and Tick trades. The first four of these instruments are fairly standard in the binary options field, however Tick trades are a fascinating option which offers expiration times that stop after 5 ticks of asset price motion. Longer expiration times of up to one year are also offered. Payout rates can surpass 100% in some cases, with high-yield investments offering returns which can go above 1,000%. will permit trades to be closed ahead of time in order to secure profits whilst the asset price is in a successful position. They don’t provide functions like Rollover or Double Up. With numerous short expiration times to select from, the Double Up function is truly not necessary. Brand new investments may be produced and launched with only a couple of mouse clicks.

Java-based, Light, and Live price charts supply various perspectives of asset price motion and these strive to make technical research a less complicated undertaking. A training area that includes webinars provides an abundance of information about how to trade binary options and the way to make use of the platform. A complete tour of the platform may be entered through the home page.

Demo accounts are offered and these accounts are supplied free of charge. First time traders qualify for deposit bonuses. The bonus offers do vary. To be in a position to withdraw bonus money, a trade volume of 25 time the bonus sum needs to be completed.

There aren’t any tiered accounts inside this system, therefore all traders are offered the very same resources, payout rates, withdrawal procedure, and accessible options. The minimum deposit required to open an account is only $5. T maximum deposit is set at $150,000. Per-trade investment amounts begin at $5. Wire transfers, eWallets, and major credit cards may be utilized for both deposits and withdrawals. There isn’t any minimum withdrawal sum requirement, which is excellent.

The large return rates offered by are extremely appealing. Additionally, it isn’t very often that traders are placed in a position to produce earnings of as much as 1,000 times (or more) of their investment sum. For people who want to acquire these returns fast, the Tick investments just cannot be beat. There are numerous trade forms, assets, and expiration times inside of this binary options platform. With regulation already in position, investors can feel safe in selecting this broker.



BeeOptions opened in 2012, supplying the always prominent SpotOption platform to those who trade binary options. This platform is accessible by way of mobile devices and is provided in five major languages. Considering everything that they provide, this broker has grown to be extremely well-liked by traders of all skill levels and financial backgrounds. BeeOptions is based in the UK, and therefore does accept traders who reside in the United States.

Individuals who’ve utilized SpotOption platforms previously will know precisely what to anticipate when it comes to efficiency and layout. First time traders are going to be delighted with how simplified the format is and how simple it is to carry out each trade. As soon as the instrument form and asset class are selected, additional accessible options are presented. All the other essential decisions can be made inside of this single window.

BeeOptions provides High/Low, Pairs, Long-Term, 60 Seconds, and One Touch trade types. Payout rates of as much as 85% are available on the majority of options, with One Touch investments supplying even higher potential returns. Refunds rates as high as 10% are available whenever select assets are utilized in trading. The minimum investment sums beginat $5 for 60 Seconds, with all of the other traditional trade types calling for $25. High-yield One Touch trades call for an investment of no less than $50.

Optional features such as Rollover, Double Up, and Buy Me Out are presented inside the BeeOptions platform. These extremely popular tools supply traders with the power to increase expiry times, duplicate open positions, and sell off an open trade as a way to secure some return or minimize a loss of the investment amount.

Webinars, e-books, academic videos, portfolio help, signal trade services, education guides, and much more are available on the BeeOptions website. Real time market reports and asset prices may be viewed on the homepage. With some account types, private training is provided.

Deposit bonuses of as much as 250% are available whenever certain promotions are in place. Offers like risk-free investments, daily cash awards to leading traders, and sweepstakes giveaways are running all the time at BeeOptions. Cash deposit bonuses do demand that a trade volume of 30 times the bonus sum plus deposit sum be reached before the bonus can be withdrawn.

The available account types are: Basic, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Executive. Basic accounts call for a minimum deposit in the amount of $250. Major credit cards, global secure platforms, BeeOptions epayment cards, and bank wire transfers are the accepted methods for banking with this broker. On bank wire transfers, the minimum withdrawal needs to be $200 or more, but other methods require only a $100 minimum.

The overall BeeOptions website is designed very well. It is very simple to get around the site, and trading is truly hassle-free. Occasionally, a binary options broker truly makes the effort to set things right from the start. BeeOptions happens to be among these brokers and ought to be on the radar of any trader who is currently looking for a platform to trade in.



Binary International is one of the newer binary options brokers in the business, having opened at the beginning of 2013. Their TechFinancials trading platform is presently available in English only, however it is available in a portable format for smartphones and tablet computers. Although this platform will interest first time traders, a number of the instruments provided by this broker will be very appealing to proficient traders.

All of the investing happens on a single web page, with available choices on the left and the investing windowpane off to the right. All of the offered instruments are displayed in tab format which once clicked on present expiration times and underlying ssets. The trade window features an asset price chart, with open positions, trade history, and marketplace reports presented just below this.

Binary International provides High/Low, One Touch, Boundary, and Short-Term trade instruments. Both One Touch and Boundary investments can be purchased in traditional and high yield forms. Short-Term investments work exactly the same as fundamental binary options, but incorporate reduced expiration times of 1, 2, and 5 minutes. Trade delivery is straightforward and simple, demanding a maximum of 30 seconds of your time.

Optional features such as Rollover are offered, but traders should be aware that this particular feature doesn’t perform exactly the same inside the Binary International platform as it does inside of many other platforms. In this platform, its usage entails carrying forward profits and reinvesting them on the exact same asset, but with a brand new expiration time period. While described as Rollover, this application is comparable to “Double Up” or comparable trade duplication methods.

When it comes to academic resources, Binary International doesn’t provide a whole lot. Having said that, they are among the leading binary options brokers when it comes to specialized analysis resources. There are lots of software applications for traders to select from, so seasoned traders will definitely be pleased. Novice traders will appreciate this as well as soon as some experience is gained.

A complimentary $100,000 demo account is accessible to all traders who start an account and post their very first deposit. Trading software packages and no-cost binary options signals are supplied to all. Deposit bonuses of as much as 200% are offered, with the sum received being connected to theactual deposit amount and the type of account that is chosen. A trade volume of 30X the bonus amount must be completed before bonus funds can be withdrawn.

Binary International provides several account types including: Starter, Premium, Platinum, Maestro, and Platinum Diamante. The Starter level account calls for a minimum deposit in the amount of $250. Visa, Mastercard, MoneyBookers (Skrill), and Bank Wire transfers are the accepted banking methods for deposits and withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal sum is set at $200 and withdrawal fees might apply based on the payment method that is selected. The minimum purchase amount per trade is set at $25, with return rates on profiting trades ranging from 65-85%.

It’s nice to see a broker that provides tools for both beginner and experienced level traders. By supplying trading signals, Binary International assists traders who’d like to stay with the options that provide the greatest probability of ending in the money. A larger number of total assets would be nice, but overall, Binary International is an outstanding general binary options broker which is likely to provide a pleasing investment experience to all who choose to trade with them.



24Option launched their TechFinancials platform in 2010 and rapidly skyrocketed themselves to the upper eschelon of the binary options industry. When visiting their website the driving factors behind their success quickly become clear. 24option is regulated by CySEC, and has been for quite some time. Read on to learn more about the specific features that are offered by this top-tier broker.
The 24Option platform provides single-page trading and can quickly be mastered by inexperienced traders because of its total simplicity. The presented trade forms, underlying assets, and expiration times are listed on the left, with the trade components and asset price chart directly off to the right. Open investments, trade history, and indicators are listed just underneath the main trade windowpane.
The supplied instruments consist of High/Low, Touch/No Touch, Boundary, and Short Term. Both Touch and Boundary are available in traditional and high yield forms. Above/Below trades are also offered as a high yield option. Short Term trades come with expiration times of 30 and 60 seconds, 2 and 5 minutes. Early trade closing is achievable inside the 24Option platform. Making use of this tool, traders may sell-off profitable positions for a return orsell-off unprofitable positions in order to reduce loss. Expiration extension and investment replication functions are not incorporated into this platform.
24Option does a fantastic job of making sure that all clients are properly educated. They supply training videos, two e-books, and a binary options eCourse. There’s just the standard price chart accessible for technical analysis, but a financial calendar and regular marketplace reports are supplied and can definitely assist with fundamental analysis. Deposit bonuses as much as 100% are offered. Right now, a $24,000 trading competition is open to all who trade with this broker. 24Option has begun to supply binary options signals, which is something that very few brokers are willing to do. These may be viewed right from inside the platform.
Standard, Gold, and Platinum are the account types that are available. Standard accounts call for a minimum deposit in the amount of $250. Major credit Cards, MoneyBookers (Skrill), Bank Wire Transfers, Liberty Reserve, Cash U and mre can be used to complete both deposits and withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal sum is set at just $10. The minimum expenditure sum on each trade is $24. Trades that finish in the money offer returns of between 70% to 310%.
24Option has been doing an incredible job of attracting traders of every skill level and there’s absolutely no reason to believe that first-time traders will stop turning to their platform when ready to start trading. The important thing is the fact that this binary options broker is managing client support the proper way, and they are being recognized and rewarded for this with client commitment. If you are trying to find a hassle-free platform, large returns, and lots of extras, be sure to give 24Option a close look.


Having unveiled their platform in 2013, 99Binary is among the more accomplished binary options brokers from the younger generation. This broker makes use of its very own proprietary trading platform that’s known as Panda. The platform can be used via mobile devices and is presently available in several languages. 99Binary provides a lot of the functions that one would anticipate to come from an effective broker, accompanied by a couple of features which are distinct.

Their trading platform is proprietary, however this doesn’t mean that it is extremely complicated to master. In reality, it’s very comparable to numerous others in that the available instruments are displayed first, with the other trade components supplied just below. All trades are completed inside of single windows, however a comprehensive list of offered trades is displayed underneath this window. Just one single click will open a brand new window for the chosen option.

99Binary provides High/Low, Touch, Range, and Hyper instrument types. Hyper trades are provided together with expiration times which range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. One Touch investments are available as traditional options in this particular platform, as opposed to only being high yield options. The bare minimum investment sum per-trade is $5, with the profit rates topping out at 86%. Reimbursement rates of as much as 10% are available on certain losing trades.

99Binary provides one appealing elective feature referred to as “Copy Trading”. This tool makes it possible for traders to look at the latest binary options trades which have been carried out by other traders and replicate them by clicking on a button. Whenever “Copy” is clicked, a replicated trade opens and the intent to acquire that particular option may be verified at that time. A demonstration video, video lessons, e-book, and economic calendar are also supplied. 99Binary maintains its very own blog site, which includes daily market analysis, strategies, and more.

Deposit bonuses of up to 100% are offered. A trade volume of 15X to 30X the bonus amount must be met prior to withdrawal (volume requirement varies by account type). Month-to-month promotions, extra bonuses, risk-free investments, and private training are offered with higher level accounts. The minimum deposit amount is set at $399. Major credit cards, bank wire transfers, CashU, Skrill, and various other methods may be used for banking. The minimum withdrawal is $50 for bank wire transfers, with all other banking methods calling for a $20 minimum.

The only problem that some traders will have with 99Binary is going to be their minimum deposit requirement, which is higher than average. Other than this, there truly is very little to grumble about. The supplied instruments, expiry times, and asset index are fantastic, as are the profit and refund levels. Copy Trading is unquestionably a fantastic addition within the platform. The main point here is that traders will have to decide whether or not use of this binary options trading platform warrants the larger initial investment.






While there is no denying that there are a lot of binary options brokers in operation today, there really is no excuse for selecting a broker that cannot meet your needs. Information such as this Mayfair Options review can help guide you as you make your broker selection. Below you’ll find all the most important information in relation to this top-tier broker, along with our final assessment.

Mayfair Options unveiled their platform last year and now operates full-time business offices within the UK and US. Contact numbers for each of these offices are posted on their website, but for those who would rather not speak by phone, both offices can also be reached via the live chat function on the website. As a side note – US traders are welcome to register and trade within this platform.

Now let’s take some time to talk about the trading platform. The format helps to keep things simple as you browse through each of the current trade possibilities. During market hours there are many different trades to choose from. Traders are supplied with five different types of trades: Binary Options, Sixty Seconds, Long Term, Pairs, and One Touch. Expiry times start at just 30 seconds and increase from there. There are also loads of assets to trade with, along with impressive payout rates.

Among the highlights of the Mayfair Options website and platform is their extensive collection of guides, binary options strategies, and constantly updated market analysis. Each of these are available to anyone who has registered a free account (no deposit required). Account registration will also give you the opportunity to receive their Options Academy e-mail course which is packed with tips for trading better and earning more. Education is the key to earning and this broker has their traders completely covered in this area.

Banking features do vary quite a bit among brokers and can sometimes prove problematic for binary options traders. Mayfair Options does have strong banking procedures in place. This includes SSL security to safeguard sensitive information when transferring funds to and from accounts. In combination with credit cards and bank wires, which almost every broker currently accepts, there are several eWallet payment options such as CashU and Neteller. Deposits will need to be in the amount of at least 200 USD/EUR/GBP.

No binary options broker is every going to survive is their client support services are poor. Mayfair Options is in no danger, as they can be reached by telephone, e-mail, and online live chat. Each and every trader is connected to their own account manager who will assist them at all times. Multilingual support is accessible and help is available at any time. Response times are fast, regardless of which contact method you prefer.

The same as most platforms, return rates are going to vary by individual trade. On all but One Touch trades, the return rate maxes out at 85%. One Touch trades are quite different, offering returns of as much as 650%. Several optional features are offered including: Sell, Rollover, and Double Up. Each of these extras provide traders with ways to reduce overall risks and increase overall profits by providing a higher level of control over each individual binary options trade.

In conclusion, Mayfair Options is absolutely a broker that is worth taking the time to examine for yourself. Right now this broker is offering large bonuses on all deposits, so there’s never been a better time to get started. Whether you are trading binary options for the first time, or are in search of a broker to replace your current one, you’re likely to find that Mayfair Options is going to be an excellent broker to partner with.